6 Top Video Marketing Trends for 2020

How much time have you spent scrolling through social media? How many times have you stopped just for a video? The truth is, our scrolling thumbs and eyes have gotten so used to static images that video has shown up to change the way we consume content online. 

There’s no way to deny that information delivered in the video is visually appealing, entertaining, and engaging. Not only that, video can efficiently tell a story and make it compelling in under one minute.

And guess what? 75% of millennials watch at least one video per day. For brands, this translates into opportunity. According to this study, videos help brands with sales, engagement, and influence consumers when making purchasing decisions.

64% of consumers claim to have been influenced by a marketing video.

Moreover, videos engage visual and auditory senses. Half of consumers say they will engage with brands that produce video content for information on their company, products or other offerings.

Let’s dive into some of 2020’s top video marketing trends, shall we?

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have been trending in video marketing strategies for a while now and there aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Whether you’re just starting out or have been brainstorming rebranding strategies, explainer videos are perfect to get your message out there. Explainer videos consist of a compelling piece of content that extracts your brand’s promise and shows your customers who you are, what you do, and the problem you’re solving.

Think of it as an elevator pitch.

You can get inspired by a few different explainer videos and find the one that fits your goals and style.

No matter which one you choose, make sure the goal is clear: Explaining your product, service, or brand to your audience and answering your consumer’s problem in an attractive and creative way.

2. Live Streaming

Not just any live streaming. This is not about grabbing one of your employees and having them discuss your brand’s product or service as if it were a sales pitch to investors. That’s no fun!

For effective video marketing, put a little spin on it. Have an influencer unbox your products or live-stream the backstage of your production process. Answer questions and make sure your audience feels they are being spoken to instead of being sold to.

A few ideas of promotions via live streaming are:

●      New products (unboxing, up close and personal video, manufacturing process)

●      Announcements. What’s up with your company during the holidays, what’s the “next big thing/event” you’ll be offering?

●      Showcase your products in action

●      Webinars

●      Answer sessions

●  Interviews with influential people in your company like employees.

One of the great things about live streaming is that no editing or post-production is required afterward.

3. Video Podcasts

Podcasts, on their own, are a huge hit across the internet and is slowly becoming a staple in marketers' arsenal. People commuting throughout their day fancy podcasts that discuss interesting topics.

But a video podcast or videocast is a podcast that was also recorded on video. People love looking at the behind the scenes and getting an inside look at what’s going on during an interview and putting a face to the voices they hear.

This creates intimacy with consumers and allows you to connect with your audience. It's an effective "two birds with one stone" video marketing strategy, that can easily be created into 3 content mediums (audio, video, text)

Bonus idea: Live streaming your podcast!

4. Vlogging for Brands

Vlogging has been a trend for several years now, especially on YouTube. Companies that vlog are able to bring consumers closer and show the human side of the company.

Host a behind the scenes of your company certain days of each week, in which viewers can see your headquarters, meet the employees and check-out what the day-to-day looks like. Authenticity goes a long way.

Brands that do not make efforts to humanize themselves are not successful nowadays. Humanizing consists of letting your audience know your values firsthand. How does your company prepare for an event, a new product launch or what’s a typical day at the office look like? People want to know!

5. Vertical Videos & IGTV

Social video is mobile video. That’s the reality of the matter. 82% of Millennials watch videos on social media most of the time, while 84% of consumers say they watch video content on social media some of the time.

Video marketing in social media continues to grow as we spend our time consuming video content on our mobile phones. Vertical format videos are the way to go. You can thank Instagram and Snapchat for this as a result of the Stories format.

IGTV is a great opportunity for brands to upload longer videos straight to their Instagram profile as well as YouTube channels. IGTV videos don’t have to be highly produced either, it’s just another way to create stories and connect with followers.

6. AR Campaigns

Most people are well-aware that Augmented Reality has been around for some time. And given that Instagram recently launched a way for users to create their own AR filters and effects on the platform, AR users and creators have skyrocketed.

Brands can create their own filters and effects for followers to use on their Instagram Stories and photos, creating new ways to market social media video campaigns.

Any campaign using AR is immediately more interactive and immersive and allows users to experience things from a different perspective, resulting in high CTR rates.

Go the extra mile. AR videos are immensely useful for brands in retail. Customers will be able to virtually look at and try products from the comfort of their homes, workspaces, or anywhere they may be. For instance, AR customers can try on a pair of glasses or a new living room table and check out how it looks.

Create Videos. Humanize Your Brand.

We never get tired of saying it. Humanizing your brand is essential and will elevate your brand’s uniqueness. You’ll be able to resonate with your audience on many different levels by using video marketing as a creative resource.

And while some of the 2020 video marketing trends are fairly easy for brands to produce and don’t require much effort, ensure your team is always putting a unique twist on creations. Brand your videos, make them exclusive to your brand.

To get started with video marketing today, get in touch to see if we can help you create amazing video content.

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