The 30 Best Startup Videos of 2019

If you have a cool startup, then video production is usually the next step for your new ravishing explainer video to really skyrocket your idea into the moon and to the minds of your investors and potential clients, oh, and sponsors too. The boost, skyrocketing punch, the limelight on your product… that’s exactly what you need when producing an out-of-this-world startup video. 

Of course, you can’t start without some inspiration, right? So, no worries, we’ve got your back!

We’ve compiled some of the most engaging, successful, and creative startup videos for you to create your own. 

You’ll notice that some of them have unique productions, others shine their light on the product itself, and others are just plain first-class ideas that need little to no explanation at all. What will yours be like? Don’t forget that 90% of users say that product videos are way helpful when making a purchasing decision. Ready to get started?

One Soil

One Soil’s idea is very clear right off the bat. And the product? - whoa, amazing. Listen to the music, how the beat drops on every slide. How the product is being clearly showcased ans so is the catch. This is a clear example of storytelling your way into your consumer’s hearts all while being concise enough with your product and staying engaging. Also, the animation’s on point and it’s only 40 seconds long. Truly a home run for One Soil.

Wanna Kick

This is a pretty cool idea that uses AR to help you pick out sneakers for any occasion, pretty amazing right? In Wanna Kick's video, they’re showing you exactly how to use the app, how simple and quick it is. It even has some funny and quirky bits in it too. Don’t be afraid to fit some humor and playfulness into your own idea’s startup video too!

Cash Out

Cash Out tells you a story of how an average business owner runs their “a la mode” coffee shop every day. The video production is sleek, shows you the product in a swell manner and thoroughly explains what the product is all about - and how exactly it’s going to make business owners’ lives a bit simpler. Sometimes, it’s as simple as telling your story, to tell someone else’s through your product!


Verv is out here doing what many other fitness apps are doing, sure. However, we’d like to point out the creativity in the slide creations for some of the transitions. See how sleek the transitions run while the girl is doing squats and doing other exercises? It’s showing you you can take this app to workout anywhere you want and workout, it’s a short and sweet angle, and it works. Finding your own creative process even while producing your startup video will really help create something catchy and amusing to your audience.

Wanna Nails

This is another fairly simple startup/promotion video for Wanna Nails, an app that uses AR to basically paint your nails in your favorite colors. In a nutshell, it’s showing you exactly how to use the app and what it does, right off the bat. Now, the cool thing about this video is how polished and thought out the actress and overall aesthetics of the videos are. See how everything works together? The color combinations, textures on the bedding and the green apple at the end? This is the congruence you have to look for when producing your own startup video. The result after this? Total brilliance.

Warby Parker

A winner right here. And this is where we’re going to mention the magic of scriptwriting. Warby Parker’s brilliant (and viral) startup/promo video was successful because of the humorous and ludicrous scriptwriting! Everything else is fairly simple. Actors and actresses on a white backdrop and a few special effects. If you can write a killer script for your promo or startup video, you’re 80% there.


“The beginning of better healthcare experience” is Zoc Doc’s angle to all of its users. Apart from this copywriting being brilliant, the animation is pure joy and top grade video production. It’s gleeful, they keep the messages short and sweet and even funny and insightful! Nobody likes being on hold for hours waiting for a doctor’s appointments - especially when feeling terrible! They truly found a delightful way of storytelling in an excellent and snappy animated video. A true masterpiece.


Saving is boring but it can be smart and easy too. This is Digit. A saving app that links to your bank account and saves you money without you even noticing. Brilliant, right? Not only is this app out of this world - so is their startup video. It’s snappy, smooth-running, and even a bit humorous. It’s insightful because it tells you that yes, saving is boring and nobody likes to do it - or think about it. After they found their insight, they produced great animation and a great story. Results? A stunning video.

Be My Eyes

If your startup has anything to do with social work or helping people in any way, shape or form, you know the stakes are high. Be My Eyes took those stakes and made a story out of it. They reflect on the fact that the blind do live regular lives as we do, but sometimes, simple tasks can get a bit difficult. This video is an example of excellent storytelling, and focusing on the people they are helping. This way, they are generating consciousness and empathy in all users, even if they don’t end up downloading the app.


So yeah, we tried Slack. They start off with the insight that most business owners don’t know they need something until they try it - even if their mailboxes are fuller than full. You can keep tabs on everyone’s projects, send funny pictures, and stay connected to your team anywhere you go. This is the Slack we all know and love, right? But before they were Slack, they created this ravishing startup video. It’s all acting, sure, but it’s everything and anything that goes on in an office - and within the app. They humorously story tell their way into the catch and leave you with your phone in your hand, ready to download the app, even if you don’t work in teams… yet.


A brilliant animated startup video from Ahrefs presenting something that would be pretty boring to explain with an actor standing in front of a camera, right? This is when you really have to think about video production ascetics - choosing actors/animation/other when producing your video. Explaining something like SEO strategies, backlinks, and search engines is much more fun when explained in a gadgety sounding video with quirky animation, don’t you think? The results are a concise and dashing startup video that will definitely have people wanting to learn more.


Gogoro’s startup video is definitely a ride like no other - just like their slogan. The video production here and overall aesthetics, the takes, scenery, music, lighting is truly sensational, even breathtaking. Their scooters are a first-class product that needs a presenting video like this. The product is the star of the show and this is Gogoro’s angle. It is a la mode and definitely jazzy and upscale, just like their scooters! Definitely something you would go for if your product is from the automotive world - and your budget allows for it.


Mobcrush is a simple app that allows you to earn some cash while going live gaming, chatting with friends and having a blast - all while doing what you love - gaming! It’s simple, the animation is polished, snappy and catchy. This startup video is short and sweet, it only lasts 30 seconds! Mobcrush clearly shows you what the app is all about. If you’re in the gaming world, go for some playful animation like this to capture your audience!


A brilliant idea. Acorns rounds up your spare change to the nearest dollar and invests it in a diversified portfolio recommended specifically for your needs. It’s a stunning idea and their startup video showcases just that!  It really doesn’t need that much “pizzaz” because the idea on its own is first-class stuff. This doesn’t mean that if your idea is a home run that you don’t have to make a nifty startup video, it’s just that some ideas really don’t need that much “glitter” added to them. If you know your idea is brilliant from the get-go, explain it in the most simple way possible. See how Acorn’s video is 17 million views and going? It’s smashing!

Print Pen

The print pen is a Kickstarter project gaining much momentum in the media world. They do some brilliant stuff and the product is marketed to designers and creators all over the world. Kickstarter videos tend to be a bit more on the long side, but if this is where you’ll be gaining sponsors, make sure it’s as clear as day and your product is showcased under the limelight. Print pent does just that, it shows you in how many scenarios you can use their product, how useful it is and it’s excellent at it. The overall aesthetics and color coordinations in the videos are very well done and congruent with the product too.


Instacart is a fairly simple idea - real humans pick up your fresh groceries from an app! Easy and simple, right? Just like their startup video. The animation is jazzy and polished, smooth-running and colorful, just like you would expect from any idea having to do with the culinary industry. Greens, reds, yellows - all of it! Truly a charming video for this app with superb video production design.

Aitarget for Snapchat

Aitarget is another stunning idea that lets you automate Snapchat ads with just a couple of taps and reach your audience right away. The way Aitarget chose their color combination and overall aesthetic for their startup video, really lets you in on what they’re all about - yes, Snapchat! The animation is pretty charming too, even the off voice is pleasant to listen to. The voice for your startup video has to be a finishing touch to it all, and like for Aitarget, it works wonders!

Spotify Promo

We all know and love Spotify today, but it was just a startup idea one day too! It’s funny to think about if the creators ever thought it would blow up the way it did, right? Well, their startup video is pretty sweet too. With some quirky sketched and dancing animation, some powerful and consistent slides that explain what the app is all about… it’s a winner!


Airbnb, another startup that is now valued at $! Imagine that. And it all started with the simple idea of being able to “rent” home, apartments, or rooms for a short period of time. They completely changed the way we travel and gave people with spare rooms and homes a chance to make a buck. This video is quite simple, it’s more of an explainer video showing you how the app works when it launched. It’s still a good resource to keep in mind for your own idea. You might need a killer startup presentation video and then you can create another one with the basics and how-tos.


“The future belongs to the curious.” - This is skillshare’s tagline and angle for this video. Script wise, it’s a pretty cool manifesto combined with the scenes that it describes. It’s emotional and makes you want to go out and do something yourself! Creating an inspirational startup video for your idea is another impressive path to take when in the video production stage.

Trendy Butler

The looks will be coming your way once you try the Trendy Butler app. An app that teaches you how to style for success and delivers trendy looks right to your doorstep. Brilliant, uh? Well, the way they present the idea with a sleek animation with a vintage feel, all color coordinated and though-out is just what a style app needed, right? Ask yourself: How can you use all the tools available and reflect your brand to perfection?


“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Eatruscan is a brilliant idea that looks to create consumer goods with the benefits of CBD. If you’re someone that didn’t know about how CBD reacts in our bodies or beginning to have an itch, their video clearly explains the effects and what their true north is for their idea. Since they explain a lot of theory for this one, the animation creates a calm and soothing mood that keeps you attentive to what they explain, plus the off voice is pretty pleasant too. Truly a delightful video to watch.


Speedify’s startup video is truly a treat to watch. It’s simple, combines some great music and colors here and there and asks the right questions - and answers them incredibly well! The idea of a VPN may be something we are all aware of, but Speedify’s value is that your internet connection will never skip a beat when you’re running the app. Totally smooth.

Skip Scooters

If you’ve ever been to San Francisco you know that one of the fun ways to get around is a scooter, right? But when scooters end up littering the streets and being inconvenient to others, that’s where the problem starts and it’s not so much fun anymore. Skip is the world's first retractable cable lock for scooters. Their startup video is funny, nifty, and definitely insightful. They found a way to communicate the problem and a solution in a snappy and gorgeous way with some 3D animation in their video production.


Replenish from the rain and never drain. Flow comes in an eco-friendly tetra pack that is both renewable and recyclable. They support a movement for well-being and healthier water. It’s an amazing idea! They storytell their way into the benefits, how they are helping make the world a better place, and shining a spotlight right on the product’s values. All through a lovely little animated water droplet. Spectacular!


Arianne welcomes you to the future of ownership. They are looking to create a solid and diverse ecosystem for certificate owners and brands. It’s a pretty ravishing idea. Apart from this, their explainer video can only be described as being classy and upscale through every scene. The animation style and color combinations truly give the brand a first-class vibe.

Better Farming Practices

An inspirational and delightful video made to create consciousness around the extinction and care of the Wood Turtle in Nova Scotia. A storytelling video, which runs you through the Wood Turtles’ habitat, how they mate, and how farmers can protect them, as required by law. This isn’t really a “startup” video, but it is a very creative way to teach people about a problem and inspire them to help. How can you do this for your startup video and brand idea?


Smash your computer, we are mobile. Upplication’s startup video is more about smashing PC’s and letting people know those days are long gone. They are not telling you to go download their app per se, they just made an incredible and ludicrous video about computers being totally smashed and destroyed with classical music in the background - it’s great! This creates curiosity and makes consumers want to learn more. No storytelling here, just pure catchiness.


AllTrails is your guide to the outdoors. It’s a brilliant idea for hikers, mountain bikers, and anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors - and knowing where they’re going (super important!). This charming idea is presented in a beautiful and jazzy animation, combined with a soothing off-voice that guides you through it, excellent video production! Truly an impressive solution for people who want to discover new trails!

Interact Flash Card

With a quirky main character to guide you through it, Interact Flash Card lets you know they are the new and simplest way to stop swiping, pinning, and just throwing your wallet’s contents all over the place every time you’re at the check-out line. Ugh, right? Well, yes, they’re here to solve the issue and do it through some nifty animation and a pretty swell talking wallet. Brilliant!

Final Thoughts

Well, we’ve reached the end of this smashing list of 30 best startup video ideas. Hopefully, you took some notes and are now ready to create a stunning video for your brand. Feeling inspired? If you are ready to produce a video that will help grow your startup, reach out to Bacon Video to see if we are the right video production partner (VPP) for you!

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